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    I am trying to completely close my wp account. It renews on Feb 25 ($99.00) and I do not want to renew. I want to complete close my account and delete my blog. The manage purchases page will not load at all. Thanks. Pat

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @mountainpat — I have replied to the original thread you have started. Since you need a refund, and want to close your account, I see that this is tagged as Modlook, so that staff should help you further, and get back to you soon.
    Your original thread is here.

    Additionally, accounts cannot be deleted, but deactivated. Learn more, here. Please be patient as staff replies, and please don’t create multiple threads on one issue. Thanks :)



    Hi there,

    We already helped you cancel your upgrades via live chat yesterday, and you don’t own any upgrades on any more. And we’ve given you the instructions to delete your site and deactivate your account in another thread, here:

    Deleting a site is done from My Site ->Settings, not the Purchases page.

    If pages on the My Sites interface are not loading for you, please try clearing your browser cache and cookies and make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser.

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