“Manage Themes” page shows no “Browse themes”

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    According to <http://en.support.wordpress.com/themes/&gt; the Dashboard’s “Manage Themes” page is supposed to show a “browse area” labeled “Browse Themes”. My Dashboard shows the current theme, and below it three “Available Themes” (one of which is the current theme), but no theme browser.

    The blog I’m working on is <http://sboe10.texansforpubliceducation.org/&gt;.


    Underneath the words “browse themes” there is “random” “a-z” and “popular.” Click on “a-z” and you can then see all the themes on 6 pages.

    Also, to the right of the search box is a “features filter” link. You can click that and then click on the different features you are looking for and it will sort through the themes and give you only themes that match your filter criteria.



    sboe10.texansforpubliceducation.org is not hosted at WordPress.com.


    And if I would have checked the link, I would have told you that you are in the wrong forum since your blog is self-hosted. To have more themes you will need to find them on the internet and then upload them to your blog via FTP.

    Also, you need to inquire about self-hosted blogs over at http://support.wordpress.com/contact/ . Things here work differently and our answers will not work for you as you have found out.


    I’m tired and need to call it a night. Too much going on today and this is the second “oops” I’ve made tonight.



    Sorry, I had jumped into this project as a favor, taking the place of someone who had bailed out and wasn’t communicating. I was still trying to get up to speed.

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