Managing a really large site here…Can do?

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    timethief says: I moved a blog back to last March and I’m glad I did. Since that time a few bloggers I know have done the same.

    I’m debating with myself, weighing the pros and the cons… That’s why I left a “backup” site on dot com…just in case something disastrous happened over at dot Org, or like I said in my other post, if dot org just got on my last nerve, LoL. I mean, geez…I can’t even get a visual editor to function over there! No idea why. :(

    Another question: My site is growing more all the time, and I’m a little perplexed about the best way to manage a really big site on dot com? Archives might become a challenge…

    The blog I need help with is



    What is the question?

    Large: define that.


    LOL…large as in, approx 200 posts now and counting… and a healthy number of categories… It’s a photoblog that should go on for a number of years, which is mainly what concerns me. What’s the best way to handle navigation of extensive archives?? I’ve been learning about good navigation practices but I’m no expert yet…



    That’s nothing. I have something like 4400 posts in my blog, and it’s been going six years.

    Just use your blog normally; it’s designed to handle things like this.


    4400 posts!!?? Whoah, seems I have nothing to worry about then…good to know, thanks. ;)

    New tags are being implemented at the moment, I’m sure that will help a lot.

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