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Managing followers

  1. Hi. Sorry to bother you. Is there a way to manage my followers? (i.e., remove someone from following me...)

    I've tried to find the answer myself, but I seem to be coming up short.

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. (i.e., remove someone from following me...)

    Short of a court order (literally) - no there is not

    Even if you did delete them from the email list - they could still follow you with an RSS reader or they can just visit your site

  3. hahah! "Short of a court order"... oh life!

    I think if I deleted them from the email list, they would actually forget that it even exists, and they would never check it again.

    Any chance you could tell me how to delete them from the email list? I can't believe I find these things this hard! I swear I'm smarter than this!!

  4. It can't be done.

  5. I am serious about the court order part -

  6. Yep. Even then, it's a legal barrier, not a technological one.

  7. Bleh! Totally didn't think you were kidding about the court order part... I was just trying to make the difficulty slightly humorous.

    I must have misunderstood your initial reply, so sorry about that!

    It's nothing serious - just slightly annoying that I can't manage my direct followers (while ironically trying to get traffic onto my site!!) It's just a little frustrating to have a wish that someone would stop penalizing me for my off-work-time hobby and find their own ;-)

    Well... at least it's all grammatically correct! Thanks for your help, guys! If ever there is a remedy that you discover, please remember me!

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