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    There are times when I want to add an image to a part of my post that I don’t want in the main gallery. I can’t seem to find a way around this as every image that gets uploaded for a particular post gets placed in the gallery for that post. Is there anyway of eliminating certain images from the gallery and be able to put them into the post separately?




    Upload them in a separate post?



    First I would delete the images from the Gallery tab in the Image Uploader (Show>Delete>Confirm Delete). Unfortunately, this also deletes them from your Media Library, so in order to get those images to appear as separate images in the same Post as the Gallery, you have to upload them again from a different post that doesn’t contain the Gallery. After you’ve uploaded the images and closed the Image Uploader, go back to the Post with the Gallery and then insert them into Post as any other image.



    This requires some basic HTML knowledge and understanding. Upload the image you want to use into a blank post, but do not insert it into post. IOnstead, use the Link URL to make an image links as described in this post:



    Thanks to all of you. I’ll give those suggestions a try.

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