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Managing images/gallery

  1. If I have, for example, 4 photos, is it possible to show 1 of them separately, and have the other 3 appear as a gallery in a single post? So far I've only been able to include them all in a gallery, OR as individual images. Thanks!

  2. You can possibly try a work around.

    Upload three photos in the post where you would like to show three in gallery and one stand-alone. Insert the gallery. Then upload that one stand-alone photo in a new post and grab the image URL (you don't have to save that post). Insert the image URL in the post where you have the gallery.

    I think it should work fine.

  3. Thanks - I'll give it a try!

  4. actuall i have a question that by mistakly i deleted some pic from media liabrary and now some pic of my blog is not opening correctly, can i get beck all this pic in my blog's media liabrary plz help me out, i would be very thankful to you.
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  5. @loveforimam-please don't hijack someone else's question if yours is different. Also, please give us the link to your WordPress.COM blog so we can see what's happening, starting with http://

    When you put your email address in the forum, it makes it a target for spambots. I'm adding a tag to this thread so that the Staff remove your email address. Hope you don't mind.

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