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    Hi, I have been using WordPress for my main blog for a while and I started a new blog just to test some things out. My question is: when I’m editing the new blog and click on my dashboard, it goes to the dashboard of my regular blog. Is there a way to make it go to the dashboard for the new blog instead? I have figured out a way to work around this (by clicking edit on my recent changes below the dashboard) but I’d like to see if there is a better way of doing this. Thank you very much.



    If you look at the top of the front of your blog you will see a blue navigation bar. On the left hand side it says: My Dashboards > If you click on the > a drop down menu will appear with your blogs listed on it. Simply click the title of the one you want.


    Thanks for responding. I did see that drop-down menu, but it’s not always there. Sometimes it just says “My Dashboard” and goes to the dashboard of my main blog and there’s no way to access the options for the other blog. Sorry, I’m not being very clear. I just don’t understand why sometimes it locks me out of changing things for my new blog.



    Um, where are you not seeing the drop down menu? The code is being pulled from one central location so it shouldn’t be working like that.

    If you’re at the admin side of one of your blogs, you need to switch to the other blog to acess it. Easiest way to do so would be to chick on the View Blog link at the top of the page and then use the drop down menu under the MyDashboards bit to go to the other blog.



    drmike, I don’t get what you are saying. I can see the different dashboards though. When I click on the View Blog link I see the My Dashboard. I can only click on it. There is no >. No drop down menu either. Any ideas?


    The issue has resolved itself, for the most part. There are certain times and conditions where the dropdown menu is replaced with a fixed link to the main blog’s dashboard, but usually I can just go into that dashboard, click “view site” and then the dropdown menu re-appears. Confusing, but it works, I guess.



    I can’t do it. When I go to the My Dashboard and the drop down for my new blog, it takes me to the main page. When I click “New Post” and then the blog, it takes me to the posting for my main blog!!! AAAAHHHHGGGGHHHGH!



    OK, I get what Hollywood was saying, but how do I create the second and more blogs? i can’t find where to actually start the additional blogs, A




    Please send in a feedback to staff tomorrow using the feedback button on the top righthand corner of any of your blog pages. Volunteers answering questions, including Moderators do not have backend access to blogs.

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