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    I am using the Journalist v1.9 theme and 10posts per page with 11 widgets. Some of them has header images, which are low in size. I have added the digg button with the digg shortcode in most of the posts. When i load my home page i see that it takes some good amount of time to load more than 10s and sometimes more than 20s. What i have noticed that the page loads fast but the digg buttons take time to appear, which i think is because of it requests the digg count from , and during that time i cannot scroll through the page, and that is pretty bad. Please suggest about shortening the page load time if i want to keep the digg button.

    Is there any undocumented digg shortcode option to make the diggbutton light? As i came to know about the sourcecode shortcode has a currently undocumented parameter light=’true’ .

    The blog I need help with is


    It loads quite quickly for me. I don’t think you have a problem. If it is the digg button then I don’t know that there is much you can do about it. Digg’s servers might be really busy, or perhaps there are high traffic levels on the internet.



    Hmmm … Your blog loads very slowly for me even though I’m on highspeeed service. Last to load for me is not the Digg button – it’s wallpaper.



    in the current home page there are 4 images making a total of about 200k. I can see that the major time taken to load the page is by the digg requests through firebug. I should keep the header image sizes lower for that, or decrease the number of posts per page. I will use the image editing feature to reduce the resolutions.


    50k average per image is not at all bad. I try to keep mine around 75k. I routinely see people here with 250k or larger per image averages, and I see a good number with images at 1mb or more. You are doing way better than most here.



    For general screenshots, header images and almost all the images i try to keep it low, and i have most of them low in size, except some wallpaper images which are around 700k but they are few and not in home page, and page load time for those pages are allright. I think there is no problem at the end, the is taking the major time to load the page completely.

    I request a feature to the digg shortcode, by adding an option light (like in sourcecode) which will not request digg for the diggcount, instead display just an image (or text), saying “Digg It” , the image could be custom, or a fixed and within wordpress servers. This will solve the digg request problem.

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