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    After changing my theme to Enterprise (from Bueno) I noticed that when I pass the mouse over the page menu tabs
    ( top row of menu bar ) a pull down menu of past months appears. How can I eliminate this?

    Also, I had to make older pages with news archives private, because they’d all appear on the menu bar as if they were pages. I am afraid that by making them private, people won’t be able to access my news archives, especifically for the EspaƱol (spanish) and Portugues (portuguese) archives. How can I make them available without them appearing on the menu bar?

    Your help will be much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is


    You need to create a custom menu – see here:



    Do I need to create a custom menu for the pages (superior one) and another one for the categories (inferior one), or only for the pages menu? Will the CSS aply to those new menus?


    That’s up to you: if you want to change what’s showing up in both, you’ll create custom menus in both; if you want to change the upper one only, you’ll create one custom menu only.

    CSS will apply: a custom menu isn’t a different section of the blog, it’s just different content in the same section.

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