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    i am considering replacing my current business website with a wordpress site, so that visitors will stay on the site for longer periods of time, due to more updated content. my main concern is, how do i obtain the new subscribers information so that i contact them with my email marketing separate of the blog? i tried a test run to see if i was emailed with the new subscriber’s email address, but i did not receive one. please advise?

    The blog I need help with is



    If you’re talking about a blog, it’s not possible to get that info. protects the privacy of the subscribers as well as the bloggers. If you set it up on instead, you can do this.

    But man, if you do it to me I’m going to flame you on Twitter in front of eight thousand people. Because permission to email blog posts is not the same as permission to email market to. You’d get more good will if you made two separate signups.



    Actually, if someone subscribes via email and does not do it through a account, their emails do appear in an area of your dashboard.
    My opinion: I would never (really, never) use those emails as an email mailing list, and I would never contact any of the individuals that way without having a very, very good reason to do so. They gave their email addresses in order to subscribe to my blog, not so that I could have their email addresses and send them anything other than the blog updates. I’m completely with raincoaster on this: I’d be really very unhappy if someone were to use my blog subscription to add me to an email mailing list for marketing purposes. You can always edit a contact form to include a field for “add me to your marketing mailing list” and people could sign up and give you their address that way, with explicit permission to email them with other stuff. Otherwise, I’d see it as spam and an unwelcome use of my trusting your blog with my email address, and I’d unsub from the blog pronto.



    I’m with raincoaster. Permission to email blog posts is not the same as permission to email market. I will take the same action she describes above if any blogger ever breaches my trust and uses my email address to spam me with their marketing shinola.


    Ok thanks guys. I definitely don’t want to breach anyone’s trust… Just trying to understand the most efficient way to market my business. I didn’t realize that i could have two subscriber forms, one for blog and one for email marketing. I am trying to figure out if having the wordpress site is a more efficient route to take than my current site (wherein people sign up daily for email marketing and also give home address for marketing purposes- birthday coupon). I’m pretty nehero the world of blogging, so I appreciate your help!


    Nehero= new. Thanks guys.

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