Manifest & IE Menu Sub-Menus dropping

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    I use Manifest for my writing blog and this theme is exactly what I wanted and have got it to how I want it. However I took a trip to the library and thought I’d do a test comment from a computer that isn’t mine.

    I use Firefox and Manifest works a treat, the library uses IE and it makes the Manifest Menus almost unusable.

    I’ll try and explain:

    If you quickly nip over to my blog you’ll see how my menu is set up (in Firefox). If not I’ll say that I have four menus going from left to right with three having sub menus opening up directly underneath the relevant menu, making it simple to slide the mouse over and click.

    Now after the visit to the library I’m wondering whether I need a different Theme because in IE this is what happens:

    The blog loads fine until a menu is clicked then an incompatibility message appears briefly and the menus behave in a strange manner. They now appear one above the other vertically and when a menu is hovered over for the submenu, this submenu drops to the bottom of the pile onto the header picture making it impossible to click because as soon as the mouse is moved off the main menu the sub-menu disappears.

    It works ok if the main menu is clicked as I have links on the page to send you elsewhere, but this fault makes the screen look messy.

    I know that Firefox is the best to use for WordPress but not everyone will know this when they turn up at my site using IE, they’ll see it and think hmm, not impressed and go away.

    Any thoughts, and if it can’t be fixed can anyone recommend a Theme similar to Manifest and the way the site is set up.



    The blog I need help with is


    The theme team monitor this forum so they will see this and hopefully look into it for you, but could you please post which version of IE this is happening with?


    Hi and thanks. My IE is version 8, I have no idea what the library’s version is.



    I have viewed your blog on Windows XP using IE8 in compatibility mode and Firefox 6.0.2. When I hover over the Pages using IE8 I see the sub-page links are being shoved to the right hand side of the page. I cannot click on them as they disappear when I try to do that.


    Exactly yes, any idea why this is happening? I am also using XP



    Thanks for the report, we’ll take a look soon.


    An odd bug :) IE8 should display the menus correctly now. Again, thanks for reporting.



    Using IE8 under the page “Links” I see a sub-page that I cannot click. It is “Where To Venture”


    I’ve just clicked it and opened the page but it is in a different place than Firefox. It appears underneath the other three Where to’s but it is clickable, although when I first tried I did slide of it making it unclickable.


    Thanks for your help lance, matiasventura & timethief



    I’m having a similar problem with the Pilcrow theme. I am a web designer and my client uses IE8 and the drop down menus are difficult to click. I can ask them to upgrade to IE9, but they will surely say their visitors may not know to do the same. I did reduce the type size to 10 pts in the editor because their browser was showing the font larger than on my mac and knocking one of the menu items to another line. Any suggestions?



    Good day to you,
    I’m sorry to report that you have accidentally posted to the wrong support forum. We cannot help you here at as we run on different software. The versions of the themes we have here are coded to run on our multiuser software.

    This is the correct forum for your software http://wordpress.ORG/support/
    For more clarity read vs The Differences

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