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    I’m trying out the new Manifest theme (love it’s simplicity). In the top menu, I’ve been trying to move the “blog” page under the “resources” parent page, but it won’t work. I’ve moved pages like this a million times so I can’t imagine what I am doing wrong. I tried to move it under a different parent page and it still didn’t work. Is it possible it’s a theme glitch? Any ideas for me? Thanks in advance.

    I’m at

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you using a custom menu? Not all themes support drop down menus.


    The second sentence needs an edit.

    “Not all themes support drop down menus by default.”


    Yes, I am using a custom menu.


    Oh, I get it now. Like duh, I have to change the custom menu… Thanks for breaking through my brain fog. I will try that out.


    You’re welcome.


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