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    Dear Support-Team!

    I am using the free Manifest theme with a custom CSS upgrade. I have not significantly altered anything in the css file, except adding a custom header. Yet, my customizing window shows me a much darker background color than on the actual site. The background there is a light green, where it should be a darker shade of that color. Why is that happening? I dug a little in the source code and found out that there are two conflicting background-color lines, are those causing harm? Why are they there in the first place? More importantly, why can I not add my own background color in the css file? It does not do anything.

    Please help me.


    The blog I need help with is


    I compared the background color at to the one in the Appearance > Customize section, and I see what you mean about the background not matching. I researched the issue and found that it is only happening to sites where there is either no background color or the background color is using transparency. I filed a bug report for this issue, but since it’s not affecting very many sites right now and it’s only a problem with the preview in some edge cases, it will get lower priority than other more urgent bugs. Hopefully I can help you work around it!! I appreciate the report and being able to get the issued filed. This one’s a strange bug!

    More importantly, why can I not add my own background color in the css file?

    That should work regardless of the preview bug. If you don’t have any custom background image or custom colors setup (like on right now), then you can do this:

    body {
    	background: yellow;

    If you have setup other custom colors, then you might have to do this depending on your settings:

    body.custom-background {
    	background: yellow;

    Change “yellow” to a color code of your choice.



    Thank you so much for this comprehensive and swift response! I don’t think the body.custom-background code works, however. I just tried it. It’s not a pressing issue, I like how it looks right now. It just seemed strange to me.


    I don’t think the body.custom-background code works

    That would only be necessary if you had customized other colors via Appearance > Customize > Colors and something there was overriding your custom CSS (that can happen depending on settings, and that’s the only reason I noted it). :)



    I had customized some of the other colors but I did not realize that I had to use both lines code for it to work! It works now.

    Thank you so much! <3



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