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    Hi all,

    I’ve been using my Manifest theme blog as a static-page website, and now I want to add a blog to the “Engagement” menu tab. The problem is, the space for the date in the blogposts overlaps with the menu under my header. You can see it here:

    1. Is there any way to move the posts down further on the page so that the menu is still fully visible?

    2. Is it possible to adjust the formatting of the date and title on a blog post? (For example, can I make the post title be left-justified, rather than in the centre as it is now; or can I make the date appear under the title?)

    3. Is it possible to have a sidebar (where I’d put the usual “Archives”, “Recent Comments”, widgety things) for ONLY the blog page/part of the site? I’d like the blog part of the site to be as much like a regular blog as possible, but for the other pages on the site to be static and pretty much like I have them now.

    (Note: Please excuse the silly page titles “Subpage” and “Subpage 2”. I am currently awaiting mod help in making the “Engagement” page’s drop down menu BE a drop down menu and not the horizontal and unusable menu it is now. I didn’t want to change the names of those pages since that’s what I called them in my other question: )

    Thank you in advance for your help in answering any of these questions!
    All best,

    The blog I need help with is


    This targets the “blog” page and single post pages specifically so as not to affect other page types.

    .blog #core-content, .single #core-content {
    margin-top: 80px;


    Weeeeee…thank you!! I’ve played around with it a little but can’t figure out how to change where the date and author shows up…if I wanted a new post to appear as:

    Here is the Post’s Title
    Posted on [date] by [Lauren]

    or something similar, is there a way to do this? If so, what command do I give it?

    Also, was there a way to add a sidebar to just the “blog” page? I’m not sure how to tell it to do that…

    Thank you!!


    Each theme is unique. Most themes display a byline such as “Posted on [date] by [Lauren]” for multi-author blogs (meaning more than one account publishes posts on the blog).

    I checked and I see you are currently using the Chateau theme with a static front page. To make it so posts appear on the “Engagement” menu tab, go to Settings → Reading and change the “Posts page” value to your Engagement page. Note that it will hide whatever is currently on that page, and you will have to add new posts in order to see something on that page after the settings page.

    You can look at the Chateau theme demo to see how that theme displays the date and byline:

    The setting to turn sidebars on or off in the Chateau theme applies to all the pages, not just the blog page. However, it would be possible to turn on the sidebar in Appearance → Theme Options and then hide it for some types of pages using CSS. If you’d like to do that, we can help walk you through it.


    You asked a lot of questions and also seemed to switch themes in the middle (or I was looking at the wrong blog). :)

    If you need further help, please reply back and marke this thread as “not resolved” or start a new thread.

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