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Manifest Theme Search Box

  1. The manifest theme has a search box at the bottom as part of the theme itself. I cannot find anywhere to remove it in widgets or anyplace else. I'm not crazy about it but could live with it if I had to IF it worked. Seriously, I've entered all kinds of search terms for my blog and it returns nothing every time. I cannot customize this blog freely to remove it or attempt to fix it as it's a free wordpress account. Can anyone help with this? Seems 'support' is away until August 15th and I just switched blogs today. Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. To remove it you need (1) CSS editing skills and (2) an annually renewable custom design upgrade.

  3. Exactly :)

    I'm wondering if it is a bug that can be fixed though. Surely the theme creator didn't intend for it to be flawed and useless.

  4. It is not a bug. It's theme specific. Twenty Eleven, Duster etc. has also the same features.

  5. Read 'have' instead of have, since there are many.

  6. Indeed it's not a bug.

  7. ufff... 'Have' instead of 'has' !
    ~~timethief Good Morning.(according to my local time.)

  8. Is there something I'm missing then? I'm guessing it's a blog search box and one should be able to input tags, etc to find posts that are relevant to the search. Is that not correct? If it is, it's not working for me and if it isn't, can someone tell me what it is for then? Thanks.

  9. I don't know that it has ever supported tags or categories in the search since those are typically right in the sidebar on most sites - categories anyway.

    The search box calls a wordpress function. The search feature is not something written by the theme designer. They just put a box there and "hook" into the wordpress core search function.

    In my opinion the wordpress search functions have always been weak especially when compared with the search functions in other software packages.

  10. Excellent answer thesacredpath. Thank you very much for explaining that to me.

    P.s. I did figure it out in that I could search for a blog post by title and it would find it, so in that respect it is working perfectly.

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