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Manipulating gallery / slideshow

  1. I'm trying to add an image gallery to my blog. I was able to successfully create a gallery however I cannot seem to add more pictures once the gallery on the page has already been created. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

    Also, why can't I use the picture that is already in my media library to create a gallery? I was only able to create the gallery when I re-added the pictures from my computer into the page rather than inserting it from my media library. I've tried to create slideshows and galleries using the photos that were already in my media gallery but I couldn't.

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  2. You can still add just edit it. If you upload new ones I believe old ones are still in your archive of pictures, and you can re-check it and add it to the recent uploaded pictures. Kind of time consuming i know thats why I stopped using gallery instead I used a post and made a category for my photography :)

  3. what do you think about the photos in my gallery?

  4. what do you think about the photos in my gallery?

  5. You don't need to upload the pics each time. There should be the "gallery" tab with a number between brackets to indicate how many pics you have already uploaded. Click it and you can add or remove more pics to the same gallery.
    When finished just click the add to post/add to gallery button!

    Hope this helps,

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