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Manipulating placement of pictures

  1. I have two blogs. One blog allows me to upload pics and put them in the body of the text, on the left, middle or the right. And it allows me to wrap text around that pic. But the second blog doesn't give me these options. It only allows me to put the pic into the editor, thats it. What gives? How can I make the second blog more like the first?

  2. Each theme behaves in a different manner in accord with the way the designer designed it to act. If you simply state the names of the themes you are using that can be helpful to getting a answer to your question. This is because there are theme reviews that can be consulted.
    Suffice to say that on all blog themes you can upload images into posts and pages. In all cases the recommendation is to optimize the images and pre-size them prior to uploading. These are the size constraints for blogging spaces for each theme Not all themes have widgets. In the case of themes that do have widgets you can also paste the image code for small thumbnail sized images into text widgets.

  3. I appreciate your quick response.

    The first blog I spoke of was themed ~daydream~ and the second one was ~andreas09~. I actually tried to change the theme of the ~andreas09~ to ~daydream~ in the hopes of getting the same functions and that did not work. I also tried other themes and the icon that allows you to manipulate the pic in the text never appeared. I haven't really found anything in the forums that answers why this is the case.

    If I delete the blog and start over, will I be able to get the same blog address? Would that help or hinder with my problem?


  4. (1) Do not delete the blog. Names are not recycled - not ever. Once they are gone - they are gone.

    (2) Do not delete data or images. They can be re-formatted and changing themes does not result in data loss or image loss.


    "I also tried other themes and the icon that allows you to manipulate the pic in the text never appeared."

    If you want to use the visual rich text editor then be sure it's turned on. Recently we have had bloggers surprised to find it had been turned off although they did not do it themselves. => Dashboard => Users => Your Profile (look for the checkbox and mark it as you choose then click "Update Options")

    (4) Tell me which editor you chose to use. Visual rich text editor WYSIWYG if you check marked the box as described above or the standard editor if you did not check mark the box described above.

    (5) Which browser and version of it are you using? WordPress works well with Firefox 2, Opera 9 and IE 7. IE6, Safari and Firefox 1.0.9 have issues. It's recommended that you upgrade for best results.

    (6) Force clear your browser
    Windows - IE or FF - ctrl-F5
    Mac - FF - Cmd-Shift-R
    Linux - F5

    (7) Go down to the next comment box and answer the questions please.

  5. You chose two very different themes. DayDream is a narrow 1 column theme with all widgets in the footer. Andreas 09 is a 3 column theme with two sidebars where widgets can be placed.

    Tell me what you want in a blog and we'll work from there.

    Number of columns
    Customizable header or not
    Sidebar yes/ no / how many sidebars
    Widgets or not
    Widgets in the sidebar(s) or in the footer

  6. Ha! It wasn't turned on. Thanks for helping find my moron status. You are the best.

  7. You're welcome. Are you okay on your own now?

  8. I think I am good to go. Thanks!

  9. w00t! I'm off to watch Miss Marple. :)

  10. Good show. I catch that every now and then. PBS is good stuff.

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