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    I recently started up my blog and spent a few days bringing old posts from previous sites onto this blogsite. Of course they all timestamped for January when I entered them, but I’d like for them to archive by the month I wrote them elsewhere. Is there a way I can manually set the archive month?

    For example: I enter three posts on January 4th. I actually originally wrote them in April, May and June of the previous year. Is there a way that I can have the archive widget recognize that?

    Thank you to those who answer,




    We need the URL of the blog in question beginning with http before we can give you accurate advice.

    Also did you Import them or Copy and Paste?

    #554228 is the blog in question.

    I copied and pasted them from two different sites. this will sound horribly newbish but I didn’t know about the import command right away.



    Each and every post we publish on a blog immediately autoposts into the archives pages when published. Please place your Archives widget in the sidebar of your blog.


    You can back date posts to the original dates if you wish and that will put them in the correct monthly/yearly archive.


    @timethief: I know that, and I do have it up. My issue is that I posted them here in January (this month) but wrote them months ago.I would like to arrange the archive to reflect that.

    @thesacredpath: thank you, I will research your advice further.

    Thank you all for your time!



    I’m so sorry I didn’t comprehend that the first time. Your only option is to edit and change the date stamps on the posts like TSP has pointed out.


    Thank you both so much, I finally figured it out with your help. Now I have a bit of work ahead of me, but I won’t be exasperated anymore!

    May your week end well,

    His tora


    Thank you and you are welcome.



    May your week end well too. :)

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