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    I have problems with the gallery and I do not like the “improved” media loader which I find confusing, inflexible, and slower than it’s predecssor. Many of the gallery formats are buggy. They look one way when you set them up, but when displayed on your site, odd changes occur involving spacing and scrambling surrounding text. Extra spaces open appear, other spaces disappear. Randomly, Pictures and titles drift to places they shouldn’t be able to go. I’ve gotten used to dealing with whatever changes you make in the application, working around them as necessary. But it’s tiring and frustrating to have to battle the formatting and being unable to get it to stay put. There are MANY glitches and each time you “fix” something, there are even more of them.

    And finally, why cannot you simply block “lista de emails” from posting at all? Why do you need to keep sending hundreds and hundreds of junk emails from this server that ONLY pushes spam and NEVER, to ANYONE, has ever sent anything else. I literally get hundreds of “lista de emails” spam messages every day, but because Askinet always spams at least a few regular readers, I have to sort through all of that trash every single time. BLOCK that server. It is ONLY spam. Always. That would get rid of about 80% of my daily massive infusion of junk.

    I send messages. I have never really gotten a response. The number of technical problems are multiplying. They appear and disappear, have as far as I can tell, nothing to do with what I do, do the “fixes” you suggest actually work. It would be nice if you would respond. I keep getting these bright, chirpy messages about improvements you’ve made that actually are anti-improvements … but of course, I can’t say that I don’t like them in the comment. I have to enter them here were no one else ever sees them and you can c ontinue to ignore them. It’s frustrating. You have so much good stuff going on, but you have a lot of underlying unfixed technical issues that will bring your whole network to its knees eventually if you don’t deal with them. They aren’t going away. And with ever layer of new “features” you add, you are also adding another layer of problems that you don’t ever seem to get around to addressing. I wish you would pay attention. I like so much about WordPress, but the problems are adding up and you aren’t fixing them.

    The blog I need help with is



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    Hi there TeePee12,

    Could you take some screenshots of the glitches you’re seeing in the post editor and media gallery? It will help us troubleshoot and debug if necessary.

    I’m sincerely sorry you feel that your suggestions and recommendations have gone unheard. We do receive many suggestions from our users, and we can’t reply to every single one, but we make a very serious effort to make sure that our users know we value them; it sounds like we haven’t done a good job in your case. I am sorry.

    The spam you get from “lista de emails” isn’t from one server, nor is it from one IP address. However, you can add “lista de emails” to your blacklist so that will always go directly to spam. The best thing you can do for your other readers is remove them from your spam folder – then Akismet learns to not place those messages in spam again. And, as you may already know, about every 15 days, all the spam in the spam folder is automatically purged. So if you don’t want to even go in there, you don’t have to – once Akismet learns your regular contributors, that is.

    If you could round up a list of the exact issues you’re seeing (with screenshots would be great), along with your browser and version, we can get troubleshooting on the issues you’re having.




    I will try to catch the weird reconfigurations of graphics and text. They occur randomly. When I reload, they usually change. Font sizes switch, spaces alter, photos disappear, move left or right, lose captions, change sizes. I can reload 3 times and get 3 different results … none of them what I specified. I have learned to add a dash to create a space and then color it white so it doesn’t show, though the color I designate for text does not remain stable and is as likely as not going to disappear to the default black on white. Sometimes that works, but sometimes later on, it produces a huge empty space and then I remove the dash and all the spaces disappear and the blog becomes one continuous paragraph with no breaks at all.

    Reload may correct it, may not. Copied text, no matter how designated, NEVER holds its formatting.

    As for the spam: I cannot count how many times I have unspammed the same people from the same websites. And it’s not just me. Askimet tends to single out the same people and nothing makes any difference.

    Today … and there’s a lot more to come … I’ve had 200 or more spam messages, all Lista de emails except for poor Sharla from CatnipOfLife who I’ve unspammed maybe a dozen times today alone. Askimet is determined to make sure Mike from Mike’sFilmTalk and Sharla from CatnipOfLife are never allowed to escape their net, though both are regular visitors to my site (and vice versa), and sometimes they spam my husband, friends, family members and followers — no matter how many times (daily? is that often enough?) I unspam them, I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time going through page after page of spam. Why can’t they just DELETE anything that says “viagra” or “porn” or “sex?” Seriously, why do I have to sift through that? It is NOT going to be real comments if any of those words appear in the header or the ubiquitous lista de emails. Why force me to keep sorting through what is absolutely spam? Other filters stop that stuff. I don’t believe that Askimet can’t when others obviously can and do. I’ll do my best, but Askimet has not in 8 months managed to dope out that Sharla and Mike, who write pretty much every day, are not spam. Or my husband. Or my granddaughter.

    Meanwhile, I use the latest version of Chrome for a browser, up to date Win 7 as my OS, 2 relatively new Dell computers (a laptop and an all in one) to work on, Photoshop to manage pictures.

    I’ve changed themes, cleared memory, emptied caches, dumped cookies … screwing up other things that are important to try to get this to stabilize. I spoke at length with your associates in Russia who tried to stabilize the problems and said they told you about it, but that there are bugs in some of the templates and you didn’t respond to their messages.

    I like your templates and the interactions of the groups, but the instability of the software is getting worse and the spam is nuts. I hate to move my blog … but eventually, this one is going to crash and burn. Too many glitches … too many unaddressed issues. They mount up. I’ve put so much work into this blog … I’m afraid I’m going to lose it all.

    I’ll do the best I can, but it’s a moving target and as you know, they are very hard to hit.



    Hi there,

    Again, I apologize for all the inconvenience you are having.

    At least one of the glitches you mention – the text color – is a bug we have discovered. It is a Webkit bug, and we’ve reported it upstream (we don’t make Webkit browsers, but any Webkit browser – Firefox and Chrome for example – will have the same error). So that one we are able to reproduce and are working on as best we can.

    Do you have these other formatting issues in the “visual” editor, the “text” editor, or both?

    Next time one of the folks you mention gets put into spam, before removing their comment from your spam folder, could you link me to it instead?

    Who did you speak to in Russia?

    Thanks for all the clarification!



    I use the visual editor unless I’m in a life an death struggle to convince the editor that I really want a paragraph break, then I’ll go in and add the HTML. Unfortunately, the usually has no long term effect. It will work, but when I update (save) the draft, the HTML break disappears like it was never there. Of all the things I don’t get, that’s one of the biggies. Why doesn’t it “stick”? But it disappears. This is one of the things that’s really hard to document. How do you show that something has disappeared that used to be there and should have stayed put?

    What is worse, and in its own way, more frustrating, is that sometimes it DOES stick. Randomly. Unpredictably. And we all know that the hardest thing to reproduce is an intermittant problem. As soon as the mechanic is looking at it, the car stops making that funny noise.

    Thank you for at least trying to address this stuff. My greatest fear is losing my work. I was part of software development teams most of my adult life and very often, a persistant — albeit erratic — glitch is a warning that there are other serious problems under the hood.



    I managed to get a couple of captures. I opened this to edit it, and the picture was gone. I reloaded, it was back. Not sure how to send them to you or even if they will be helpful. But I do have two screen captures that I suppose are illustrative, sort of.



    You can upload the screenshots to your media gallery and include the URL here for me to view. Then I’ll be able to dig in, for sure.

    We have seen some issues with Chrome and the editor, but nothing to the extent you’re reporting, so I’m very interested in getting something documented that we can reproduce, so we can start working on fixes.

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