Many of my posts just disappeared !

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    Hi There,

    Recently when I checked on my past posts permalinks, many of my posts have disappeared in thin air. When I clicked on the post links, it has this message that says
    ” Error 404, Post not found”

    I did not do anything, did not delete, but why so many of my past posts just disappeared
    without a reason? Can someone please help?

    Best Regards
    Mind Think Success


    Is it possible that the permalinks are incorrect, but the posts are still there? Did you look under manage posts to see if the posts are in the editor. If they are, look at the permalink for the missing posts, and see if it matches the permalink you’re clicking on. If they don’t match, you’re gonna get a 404 error. This can happen for a lot of reasons. Most common one is if you changed the date of the post or the title of the post.



    wealthnet – we need a link to your blog. The one linked in your username is not a blog, ie, hosted here. If you are self-hosted, you’re in the wrong forum. Head over to



    Hi diamondfistwerny,

    The permalinks are correct. In fact all those posts that disappeared, are my past posts that I have published in Dec 2007 and some in Jan – Apr 2008

    I never did any changes to these posts. When I checked my posts in
    the Manage,section, I couldn’t find it, I even did a search for it in the search bar. This is very strange happenings.




    Hi vivianpaige,

    Thank you for responding. Oops.. I am in the wrong forum? Yes, my blog is a
    self hosted blog and here is the link

    Ok I will also head over to wordpress org.

    Thank you vivianpaige.




    ——————————————————————————-hi, please check your links first.


    Where did you check these past permalinks? Through your dashboard? I remember that checking posts on Google sometimes didn’t go through because I changed the blog title in some way. One time I remembered the exact wording of that title and checked Google with the corrected former title and it went through. Weird.



    Thanks for informing smss1e1t1.

    Thanks mymyspacelayouts, I love your myspace page, you got lovely things displayed there.





    I think I lost a post just now. I had it as a draft for a long time, kept working on it and finally published it yesterday or the day before, and corrected it again this morning and added three little pictures.

    It did a lot of “autosaving” and I kept getting former versions. I wanted to put in the links of the pictures, but suddenly thepost was no longer there.
    I checked in the “media library” and the pictures exist without reference to the post.



    Ouch, it is awful! Did you find them later?



    Check the major search engines, using the title of the post. They probably have a cached version in there. Yahoo tends to be the best, but there are lots of others.



    I see further up you also had to rescue somebody. Thanks a lot!
    I have not tried yet.

    I looked again through the media library and saw another the photo of another recent post listed as having no title.



    Don’t wait. Do the search now.

    And don’t waste time with the media library. I dont think it is caught in this bug, whaterver it is.

    Search Yahoo, Google, and MSN for the titles of the posts, or at least the first sentences.



    At Yahoo, immediately, I got this :

    “F I S H I N G
    Design : Famous Bridges June 5, 2008. Posted by cantueso in poetry. add a comment … Design : Famous Bridges. History’s Famous Names. IQ Calculation. World’s … – 51k – Cached”

    I clicked and it opened up on my blog, but that post was not there.
    Then I remembered the cache and clicked and there it was! Now I have the HTML of that cache text. Maybe it can be used directly, but at any rate now I have all the text.

    10000 thanks, because this post was about bridge design, which I love but know nothing about, so it was a mosaic of little pieces of things I got from the net.

    (In case you also see big type here: sorry. I tried to change that but could not)

    Thanks again.
    (I believe the bug has to do with the WordPress saving operation which recenlty has been misbehaving a lot, especially mixing up “save” and “continue” commandos.



    Let staff know what happened, including the names and URLs of the posts, if you can find them.

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