Many questions from a beginner…

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    My current account is located at
    Here are my many questions:

    People are allowed to leave comments. Is there a character limit for their comment? They are able to do this with either Twitter, Facebook, or WordPress; What about Disqus, is there a way to add that to the page as well?

    If I were to purchase the $99 bundle package that is offered at sign-up, does this give me full access to all the editing features available through WordPress? Am I understanding correctly that in order to have my blog address be something like ( rather than ( it is an additional $18 per year?

    After the first year, in order to maintain my blog, how much would my website cost me?

    There are links on the right side of the page (Archives, Categories, Recent Posts), is there a way to change the color of those links? (I had a dark green background on my test page and was unable to see the links.) What about font style in general?

    I tried to place an image on the background and it was very small and would not move from the top. I selected do not repeat, center and scroll. I’ve only posted one entry (more of a test entry) but my page still takes up more than a page and the image does not scroll.

    As I gain followers and hopefully daily readers, is there a way for me to have ads placed on my page? Would this require my own layout rather than a premade theme?

    I guess for the moment these are basically all of the questions I have. I think that by purchasing the pro bundle most of my problems would be solved but would rather be sure prior to making the purchase.

    The blog I need help with is

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