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    I have made the changes with my host following the WP instructions to change my blog from TO
    Paid the $12 and it has gone through. Followed all instructions here:
    BUT its not working. I just get this message when going to the link: Virtual host not found on this server

    Have I missed something?

    The blog I need help with is



    You did not say how long since you made the changes. It can take 24 to 72 hours for the changes to migrate across the internet, you can also have local caching issues with your ISP that can restrict your ability to see the site for a while.

    Watch the changes:



    Only about 2 hours… more patience needed i guess?!
    However I watched the changes and got a green tick in every country. Does that mean its done?
    Thanks for the help.



    Patience Grasshopper.

    The whatsmydns only checks a few of the thousands or probably millions of routers all across the internet. Also since you have visited your own site your ISP probably has some cached data that can mess things up. Every time I have moved or mapped a site others could get to the site before I could because of local caching issues.

    Green ticks and information next to them that looks good is always a good start.

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