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Map an existing domain and keep subfolders

  1. If I map an existing domain ( to my blog, is it possible to keep/exclude a subfolder (e.g. and files in this subfolder ( which are located on my own webspace?

  2. Hi,

    No, that will not work because in order to set up domain mapping, you need to set your domain's nameservers to point to Without nameservers pointing to your current webhost, there would be no way to access those subfolders at

    You could map a subdomain of your current domain to so could be where your site would be located. There are instructions for doing that here:

    However, that doesn't do exactly what you were asking about.

  3. Thank you for the reply. So I guess we need to install on our own server and see how we can preserve the old file structure respectively avoid that old links stop working.

  4. This guide may help. It will step you through the process of moving your blog to a instal:

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