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    Hey folks,
    I am trying to create a map on my blog post but can’t find info in existing forums and blogs.
    I am basically looking at having one geographic address for each blog post and have a map on another page to visualize all the location of all my posts.

    (Of course when I say MAP I am thinking google map, but after all I could try another map service)

    Does anyone can help? is this possible on


    The blog I need help with is



    This sia what’s possible on free hosted blogs > Google maps


    Thanks Timethief.
    I saw that link which basically is about inserting a static map, I will use it as a fallback solution but this would make a lot of redundant editing…

    So this means there is no geolocation of blogposts possible in I guess.




    We bloggers cannot use dynamic codes >


    Member allows you to geotag your user profile and posts.



    But if you’re asking can you have ONE map displaying constantly updating pins for each post, no. You can make it on Google maps, but you can’t embed the updating pins on What you can do is screenshot it and post the JPG.


    Thanks @timethief for the geotagging link, pretty cool.
    Too bad their is no user feature to use that info and make the map as everything is there for it now, but just not usable…

    Thanks raincoaster, I will avoid the screenshoting option and will continue my research hoping Automattic will soon do something as, quoting them:

    We’ll soon be launching a bunch of human readable stuff like theme integration, widgets, shortcodes, maps, etc.



    You’re welcome.

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