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Map My Ride embedded

  1. vicky1clicker1tr

    How can I embed a map from Map My Ride app? I copied and pasted the embed code, but it does not work. If just makes a link. My blog:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't. Some code is not allowed here, for security reasons, and that's one of them.

  3. How to embed a Geocommons map?
    I would like to see a Geocommons map embedded in my WordPress Blog.
    I succeeded to embed a Google Map and a TED movie without any trouble.

    With Geocommons map in a iframe-tag only the hyperlink remains, check my blog:

    Many thanks,
    Bart from Belgium

  4. You can't. Some code is not allowed here for security reasons. You can use Google maps.

  5. If you were vacationing in some foreign countries in the past, mapping your ride would be less of a big deal.

    I would never map my ride over the Internet. It is a personal security issue. If you don't believe some people are mean, then why do you get spam? a simple illustration.

  6. I meant local bike rides.

    I always am amazed why people do this anyway...people living outside one's home town, could care less.

    And I am a cyclist that reads other people's cycling endeavours which focus more on what they experience along the way. Not the route.

  7. vicky1clicker1tr

    Thank you very much for this. Much appreciated.

    I have another question. On the trip I am taking, I will only be taking my iPhone. Can you tell me how I can put that link on my blog? I have the WordPress app, and know how to put a new post on it. Can I copy and paste the link, or would I need to really copy it, and then type it in?

    Thank you!

  8. Put the link on WHAT? Your iPhone? What link?

  9. vicky1clicker1tr

    Like I said, 'Can you tell me how I can put that link on my blog?'

    the link to a ride, saved on Map My Ride, onto a new post (when I do one) on my blog...please see link to that above.

    So, to clarify, when I do a post, I want to have a link to that day's ride, on that blog post. Hope this is more clear, and of course, I know how to do that with my computer, but I will only have my iPhone with me.

    If this is not clear, please ask again. Thank you

  10. I, too, have been trying to find a way to display a dynamic map on my site, to show where I am at any time. No luck. All I've found so far is a static map from works, which is of no value when you want to show where you are on a trip! If anyone can find a way that works, I'd love to hear it.

  11. Google maps can be used on blogs as raincoaster said above >
    Dynamic codes like Javascript and iframes cannot be used on blogs for security reasons as raincoaster said above >

  12. oops! I forgot to post a link >

  13. Hello everybody,

    As written by several people here, it's not possible to embed a map other than Google Maps on because of security issues. On the other hand you can download the blogging software from and install it on a hosted site. That way you can use several plugins. The iframe plugin makes it possible to post a dynamic map (other than Google Maps, e.g. GeoCommons).

    More about the difference between and on

    Bart from Belgium

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