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    Hi —

    I was helping my friend set up a blog for his current events and political writings, it is at

    Anyway, I was surprised that I was able to post in the MapVisitors html code, see the red MapVisitors button on the right side. I just had to paste this code into a Textbox widget. —

    <a href='' title='Web Map'>
      <img src='' alt='Visitor Map' style='border:0'></a>

    And it worked!

    Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool and just thought I’d share.




    wow this is really really nice. all i have now is the typical clustrmap widget. i think it’s time for a change. thanks for sharing!



    Is there any advantage of MapVisitors over ClustrMaps? I currently have the latter.


    I don’t think so. I just recently came across ClustrMap in the last few days after working on the MapVisitors idea for almost a year and a half!

    I thought ClustrMaps is pretty slick.

    One advantage of MapVisitors is that it is realtime and does not require registration. Also, you can get a custom button design —

    We will be adding many new features in the next few weeks.

    Jon’s life is currently back on track again and he now has a house so he can continue with the development —

    MapVisitors & ClustrMaps are not mutually exclusive, you can have both on your site.




    ya i just realised that after adding it to my sidebar. i have both clustrmap and mapvisitors. clustrmap is good for your reader to scan what countries other readers are from, but i like the graphics on mapvisitors better. i would much prefer if it could specify from where exactly are my american readers from; right now it just shows they’re from america, but not which state or city they’re from.



    Cool; I will have to investigate it further.



    I think, the bigger disadvantage of Clustrmap is that the map counts the visits of the blog’s owner, and the results turn out to be upset. The majority of stadistical systems like Statcounter have the option to erase the IP of the owner from the results.

    I’m using now MapVisitors too, but the system didn’t find my real location (it indicate the capital of my country). I’ve a dynamic IP (it change each one or two months), but normally, another stadistical systems locate my city without problems (like Clustrmap, for example).

    MapVisitor is a good word! :)



    Thanks! You can correct your IP address, see Go back to visit your site again, hit refresh and click on the MapVisitors button, you should then see a pushpin in your city.
    hope this helps.

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