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    I have created a blog here and the client has purchased a domain name through Network Solutions, which is: and I can’t seem to map it in any way. I wanted to be as thorough as possible to explain everything I’ve already tried, so hopefully someone can help! Thanks in advance!

    First problem: When I try to “Add Domain to Blog” I get the following message: “Other subdomains of this domain are registered to another user at so you can’t use it for your site. Only that user can register other subdomains.” That doesn’t make sense, since the client just purchased the domain name.

    Second problem: The client has already begun using email through the Network Solutions platform. So, simply changing the DNS codes won’t work because it will interfere with his email.

    Third problem: The CSR on the phone at Network Solutions said I just need the A-records or an IP address from WordPress to solve problem number 2, but from my research I don’t believe WordPress uses static IP addresses.

    Fourth problem: I noticed that many people who needed A-records just had a Zone-record created instead, and I thought that might work. But when I tried to Add DNS Zone, I get the following message: “We cannot add a zone for the domain you’ve specified. Please contact support for help.”

    Please help! Thanks so much.

    The blog I need help with is



    [x] is actually a subdomain of, not a real TLD or ccTLD.

    It cannot be mapped here because someone else has already mapped a [x] subdomain, and we only allow one mapping per subdomain.

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