mapped a domain-wordpress is now useless?

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    so if i understand correctly i just mapped a domain to my wordpress blog.. which now means i lost access to all the plugins the wordpress community offers? i cant seem to find a plugin menu on my dashboard

    The blog I need help with is



    I do not understand your references to plugins. WordPress.COM blogs do not have plugins. Mapping a domain to a blog does not turn it into a blog. You will not see a plugin menu on a blog, period.

    What, specifically, are you trying to accomplish? And please don’t say “get plugins” because they’re only software that has functionality. What FUNCTIONALITY are you trying to add to your blog?



    It’s true that not possible to add plugins or custom themes to a blog. If you are not happy with the Domain Mapping upgrade you have 30 days to request a refund if you desire. Just send a message to support. You can then use your domain name on a self-hosted site.



    But “Plug-In’s” sound so cool and shiny, look a new toy!

    Sorry could not resist.

    People skip the part about WordPress.COM taking many of the most popular and useful Plug-in’s into Widgets that are built in – much easier – yes they should look at Functionality not the shiny new toy



    Agreed. They hear from some half-educated “guru/supastar” that they MUST MUST MUST have plugins so they ask for them. If they really realized the difference between the power of SEO vs the greatest assemblage of plugins the world has ever seen, they wouldn’t be so hot on getting plugins.


    I dont get it. you guys want plugins to be called widgets to its easier? how about wp 3.0.1 is the same no matter where i host? If i want multiple blogs with plugins I have to buy hosting to have plugins? EF THAT. Its all about 3RD PARTY plugins, I dont care about Hello Dolly quotes and Akismat bullshlt. Seems like they are making a mistake.


    Buy hosting and install wordpress. Simple.

    WordPress.COM is a multi-user platform which means that we all share the same underlying theme and wordpress files. Any security hole or bad code that would be introduced by one blogger, if they allowed plugins or javascript or flash, or whatever, could possibly take down the entire system.

    You would be the first person back here in the forums yelling at the top of your lungs if another blogger brought in some bad code that brought down your blog.

    Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, etc., all fight that all the time, and they have all had times when it has brought down parts of their systems. I make a good bit of money fixing blogs killed by bad code in a plugin or some fancy javascript with dancing bunnies. Recently I cleaned and repaired 5 sites for one client that was caused by a bad plugin.

    Get hosting and then you can do whatever you want. If you install a bad plugin or code (and there are a lot of them out there) that kills your blog, then you don’t bring down everyone else.

    Also, watch out for themes. There is an increasing number of themes out there with malware built right into them.

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