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    changed DNS name servers with host to through ns3…

    added domain to blog and paid 12.00

    updated email dns

    email works fine

    changed primary domain to

    now nothing loads
    Blog url:



    Okay so I changed the primary domain back to

    I figured that out.

    What I am trying to have happen is when my domain is typed into the address bar and the wordpress blog is loaded, that the address still will show

    I know this is possible we’ve done it before, just not on wordpress.

    This is super important because our adwords campaign has been halted by google because the address we use for advertising is not showing as the primary address for the site.


    Your domain appears to be working properly (I changed it back to primary)

    It can take domain changes up to 72 hours (though usually much less) to propagate to your ISP. Unfortunately, we have no control over this as it all depends on how often your ISP refreshes their DNS cache.



    so i am correct in thinking that the address will show in the address bar of the browser after this all refreshes?

    what do i do until then? currently with as primary, we have no website at all.

    Does it hurt anything to leave the other address as primary until the dns servers are updated?


    It wouldn’t hurt, but I’ve noticed that you have a second domain active, that might be interfering ( Was that a typo? We can still refund and cancel that, if you want.



    yes i was going to ask for a refund, i got all the way through the process and realized i missed the last letter.

    thanks in advance for deleting and refunding it.



    I have canceled and refunded your domain mapping as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

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