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    Is there any way for me to use my .ca website on WordPress? I own and want to use it to setup a wordpress.

    I know about the upgrade price and it’s fine, but I can’t find any option allowing me to use my domain…

    Thanks in advance.



    I added a zone record for you – you can map your domain name to your blog here using the instructions below


    I just read the notice for emails… I really can’t afford deactivating my Office 365 emails even for an hour.

    This is unfortunate. I mean, why can’t they both work together? One is mail, the other is a website.



    Are the email addresses part of the domain name you want to map? You can keep the email at your old host – there are some workarounds on the email – see below – some of it is a bit tricky but does work – I kept my email at my old host when I mapped my domain name here –

    If you change anything with a domain name there is a period while the changed migrate to the far corners of the internet –

    What is Office 365 email? is it related to your domain name or is it part of Microsoft something? If it is not related to your domain name you want to may ((email redacted)) then there should not be any issue



    PS – just looked a bit at 365 – I have flagged this for staff attention – maybe they have some experience with 365 and can give you more information


    Office 365 mails are simply emails hosted by Microsoft on an Exchange cloud server. They are linked to my domain (

    The thing is that my website ( is currently a placeholder from Godaddy. Because of that I thought that these were two separate things.

    I’ll give it a shot tonight at a moment I’m less likely to receive emails, but this is still weird that WordPress has an impact on my mail setup…

    Anyway, thanks.


    I successfully set it up. For people who wants to do the same thing, simply use the free forward feature from GoDaddy and it will do the trick. A simple redirection with a mask and bam, it works. No need to screw up your DNS settings.



    Great – glad it worked that easy – my change was harder

    Thanks for letting us know a solution

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