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Mapping a .com to my site

  1. Hello, Just checking that what i have done is correct?
    I'm wanting to use my, (domain name only purchased at go daddy) to guide people to my current, site.
    I have paid the site redirect fee and followed the instructions here at
    At the domain name provider site (go daddy), I have selected namesevers, selected - I have specific nameservers for my domains and entered:
    then OK & OK

    Does this all sound OK or have i made some obvious error?

    Kindest regards

    The blog I need help with is

  2. HAve you selected the .com domain as the primary in your store->domains settings? is still showing as a URL to me.

  3. Hi,
    Yes i have, thats correct

  4. It can take 24 to 72 hours for changes to reach the far corners of the internet and you are inside the 72 hour time frame -

    Domain helper also shows that you have not selected as the primary domain so it will not show up in the browser address line -

  5. Hey thanks for the communication...
    Can you please explain 'still showing as a URL to me'
    Checked again, the store settings again and is check listed as the primary domain?

  6. There was a slight delay with updating Domain Helper - it now shows that you have set the primary properly

    Now wait for the changes to migrate - Patience Grasshopper

  7. Would i be correct in thinking the search engine stalls when trying to connect to that address ( in the browser address line. Until the connections have been made?

  8. The URL should take you to the URL. It isn't doing so yet, but perhaps this is a DNS propagation issue; it can take 72 hours for a change to propagate over the internet

  9. Update.
    My URL is now taking me to http://thorn where my search engine shows a blank page? does this mean it is still waiting propagation?
    I am trying to look more professional and use my .com to guide people to my site, see initial post.

    Any help appreciated

  10. I am not sure what's happening here, you seem to have the correct nameservers set. As you say the site is redirecting to the .com site correctly.

    As "just another blogger" I am limited in what I can see, but it is starting to look like there may be a server issue. I will flag this thread for staff attention, as I think that everything that non-staff can check looks OK.

  11. Tandava108, I appreciate your feedback and if you could flag this for staff attention I would be most grateful!
    Have noticed that other users having gone through the same process as at a similar time, have already had their sites mapping across correctly for several hours? As you point out it appears ... "Houston we have a problem"

  12. The records are not fully propagated yet. Otherwise try to set them again at your domain registrar's control panel.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  13. Hey Kardotim, thanks for the reply.
    As suggested, I have reset them again the the domain registers control panel.

  14. I see the problem now, you had purchased a site redirect upgrade but you need a domain mapping upgrade instead. I've just changed this for you.

    You can change your primary domain at

  15. Kardotim,
    thank you, for a prompt response and solution, my apologies for the confusion I created.

  16. You're very welcome. Happy blogging :)

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