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    I have a domain name registered with 1&1 ( I would like to use this domain name as the primary domain with my site. I have tried without any success to change the servers within 1&1 to point to wordpress but something seems to go wrong at a certain point. I get an error message when trying to load the page.

    If anybody can give me an idea of how to activate the as the main domain?

    Thank you very much.


    The blog I need help with is



    Are you using these instructions and purchasing the Domain Mapping Upgrade?



    Invalid Nameservers

    Your domain is set up with the following name servers or their numeric equivalents:


    Mixed name server settings will whack you every time – they both need to be pointing to WordPress.COM or you will get erratic results at best


    Thanks, I tried to point to from within the 1&1 setup for the second server but it kept giving me errors. It was asking me for server name and another 3 servers.

    At the moment I can’t access the settings as it says there is a problem with the domain but when I check the DNS is comes back with:

    Nome di dominio :
    Indirizzo IP (record A) :
    Name server 1:
    Name server 2:
    Name server 3:

    Not sure what has gone wrong.



    Not sure what you are doing with the

    Indirizzo IP (record A) :

    That is one of 6 dynamic IP addresses used by WordPress.COM – I would try deleting that record, the name servers should work just fine. WordPress.COM does not support static IP addresses.

    Do you also have email you want to associate with your custom domain name??



    If you want Custom email – see the links below to get started

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