Mapping a domain from 123-reg to WordPress

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    Ok, so I just got a domain name through 123-reg and have upgraded my WordPress account for mapping.

    Now, I just don’t know how to do the mapping correctly and I don’t know what I am supposed to put as the CNAME (if I need to do this atall).

    Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you.



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    The Support documentation has a step-by-step guide to map an existing domain:

    I followed those instructions about a month ago and everything went smoothly. All the best!


    I’m just not sure which of the IP addresses I am supposed to put (if any) in the DNS…

    If I just change the nameserver rather than the DNS then I’m apparently not able to use the email function as it needs to have the nameserver of 123-reg….which I guess means I need to change the DNS settings – its just that I don’t know what to put in it!



    You need to point your domain name to the name severs, this is done at the registrar where your name was registered.

    Then come to your blog and get the domain mapping upgrade and map your blog to the domain name you have registered. That will get your blog to show up when you go to the personal domain name.

    Email is separate issue. Go to whoever is your email host and get the A & MX record information required to make their email servers work. The A & MX records are then added in the DNS section.

    I just moved a blog from my outside host to and I am still using the same mail servers I have been using for several years and the addresses that I was using before the move still work.

    It’s a two step process and once I got a bit of help with a format issue things picked up and went. Next move should take 5 min of maybe my time to punch things in, then just wait for the internet to do it’s magic ( up to 72 hrs ). My visitors should only notice the Theme is different.


    Thanks for your help. I’ve worked out the email part its now just the mapping.

    I’ve gone back and set the DNS to its original settings but changed the nameservers to etc. (Previously it was mapping to a Posterous blog page, I’mguessing becuase I messed up the DNS thing. Will changing the nameservers to the wordpress ones be the solution?



    There are two parts –

    1) point the name servers properly – the domain name to’s name server – that is working across the world at this point.

    2) you need to map your to your blog so when someone shows up at’s name server WP will know where to send them.

    The domain mapping is just filling in your new name in the domain mapping upgrade and clicking on the right box to make your new name the primary name.

    Both steps need to be done or things will not work correctly.


    1) I have set the name servers to ns1.wordpresscom, and – are these the correct ones? I got them from – not sure what else to do here

    2) I have these setting on the domain section in the settings of the blog:


    The primary domain for your blog is The other URLs above will redirect to that domain.

    Offsite Redirect

    This blog is currently being redirected to You can change the destination of the redirect or delete the redirect below. If you would like to disable the redirect without deleting it, select another domain in the table above and click “Update Primary Domain.”

    – so I think I’ve got that set up correctly. yes?



    I think the of Offsite Redirect is the issue – that would be if you moved FROM your WordPress.COM blog to your own site that was self hosted ( that is to help you send your long time readers to your new site.

    I think what is happening is you have the NS correct (NS1.wp etc), your is being sent to the servers (good) then the Offsite Redirect says go somewhere else – I would undo the Offsite Redirect – leave the nameservers and domain mapping in place.

    The other option is to ask the staff for help, they are great people and were quite helpful with a couple of key questions I had about moving a site onto WordPress.COM.


    Ok, so I undid the Offsite redirect which meant that the mapping was deleted and refunded – so I repurchased it (the mapping), re-did the mapping but didn’t touch the Offsite Redirect.

    The new domain now says Edit DNS which it didn’t before, but I don’t think I need to do anything with that. Hopefully in the next 24/48 hours it will all come good and sort itself out.

    Many thanks for your help!



    I just clicked on your staticnoise… link and ended up at your site!!

    As Hannibal Smith of the A Team used to say “I love it when a plan comes together” looks much nicer now with mostly green check marks for the NS & A records.

    Congratulations – glad I could help & you are welcome.


    Yeah, I just saw that it’s working properly!

    Thanks once again!

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