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Mapping a subdomain

  1. I am trying to create a subdomain for my blog here at WordPress using my Wix domain. Each time I try to create the subdomain, I receive this message:
    "Someone (maybe you?) already registered, but the domain is not pointing to"

    If this helps at all, I had previously mapped my Wix domain here, but removed it so that I could use it with my Wix website. The subdomain that I am trying to create is My blog URL is Please help. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You will need to purchase the domain mapping upgrade in order to map that subdomain to your blog.

  3. I purchased the domain upgrade. I removed it to use it with my Website. Even if I should have to reorder the upgrade, that error message is blocking me from proceeding to the next step. This is the message I get right after trying to add the subdomain:
    "Someone (maybe you?) already registered, but the domain is not pointing to"

    PS- the purchase was made less than a month ago. I don't think I need to repurchase it. Please advise. Thanks.

  4. Mapping a sub-domain is a bit different - this should help:

  5. I'm sorry if I'm not getting this, but I'm not getting it at all. I changed the CNAME at Wix. I tried changing the CNAME at GoDaddy, but I can't because it says that the domain is not hosted there.

    Second, why am I getting this message at every attempt to add the subdomain here at WordPress: "Someone (maybe you?) already registered, but the domain is not pointing to" Thanks.

  6. WordPress.COM does some checking to make sure things point to them - they are not finding the CNAME pointing to them so they stop the mapping (as you see) - you should be adding a CNAME -

    Check with Staff they should be able to point you in the right direction. They were real helpful when I got stuck on my first Domain Mapping:

  7. The issue was resolved. Thanks again.

  8. You're welcome

  9. I am now having a similar problem and support is closed until the 3rd. I pointed my nameservers in GoDaddy to WordPress, and now I cannot access email in GoDaddy or get it set up to check in a third party email interface (Gmail, to be exact). Please help!!!

  10. By the way, please email me at [email redacted]. I will not be on this forum.

  11. Check out this new support document on setting up google apps for webmasters MX email thing so you can have custom email.

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