Mapping a subdomain to our blog?

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    Our blog is at and I want to create a mapping from to (we have registered to us already).

    I followed the instructions in the FAQ: I’ve already done the first part, i.e. I’ve created a CNAME entry for to point to

    But when I went to do the second part, i.e. logged into WordPress, clicked Options > Domains and typed into the box, I got this unexpected message:

    > Domain not registered.
    > is available to be registered but we are unable to process new domain registrations at this time. You may register the domain elsewhere (e.g. and then return to this page to complete the mapping, or just try again when registration is active. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    The domain is *not* available, because we already have it registered.

    But why did I see that, when that’s not what I was trying to do in the first place?

    Do I need to wait the 2, 3 days for the CNAME change to propagate across DNS first, before I try this, or is there something else wrong?

    I have the 10 credits needed for subdomain mapping.

    Has anyone else had this issue? I emailed support but got no reply…



    I’m getting exactly the same problem.

    Created the CNAME entry for the subdomain (which is redirecting to in my browser) but am getting the ‘Domain not registered’ error.



    Mark at WordPress support emailed me this morning (about 4 hours ago) and said the error was fixed.

    I tried it again just now and it worked.



    Worked for me too. Cheers Mark!

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