Mapping a domain to an external domain

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    since I could not get an answer to my problem in the German speaking forum and the moderator refered me here, I will try this now:

    I bought the domain called on and up to now it is mapped to my wordpress blog

    Lately, I created a website on and now want to my my domain to this new address called

    I tried the following (which did not work yet!):

    In “ ==> Dashboard ==> Store ==> Domains ==> Edit DNS” I entered:

    A the same time, in “ ==> Menue ==> domain setting ==> Add external domain” I entered:
    Typ: CNAME/A
    Heimverzeichnis: /

    Does anybody know what is my mistake?


    The blog I need help with is


    I bought the domain called on

    Is the domain registered through WordPress? Or is it registered somewhere else and mapped here?



    Don’t know what you do at your new host – but normally you just change the name servers here to your new host – no Cname etc

    But you need to make sure your host is properly configured to “catch” the name servers – that is a config issue at your new host


    The domain is registered through

    And I followed the instructions of bplaced, who write:
    “Externe Domain hinzuf├╝gen

    Bei eigenen, externen Domains musst Du bei Deinem Registrar die Domain als Typ CNAME auf Deine eigene Adresse hier lenken.”

    Which means in English something like:
    “Add external domain

    In case of an own external domain you have to map the domain at your registrar as type CNAME to your own address here. “

    Also I read an article in describing this, but I cannot find it any more!



    It looks like you found this page

    Beyond that I don’t know – I will flag this for the staff


    Bplaced is not a registrar, just a host. So I cannot move my domain there. And Bplaced doesn’t provide name servers ;-)

    So, it seems it has to be done with a CNAME. That’s why I still wonder if my CNAME command is correct for my purpose. Because still, it doesn’t work.



    The format or syntax is very critical with CNAME, MX records etc – the staff have more experience with those things than most of us helpers in the forum –


    So, thank you for your answers, guys! I am curious about the stuff’s answers!




    Hi there,

    If your new host does not accept domain transfers you can still use your domain with your new site by pointing the domain at your new site’s name servers. We have instructions for how to do this at:

    You will need to contact your new site’s host to ask what your site’s name servers are.



    bplaced does not have nameservers ;-)

    But probably we indeed solved it (see post of zodiac1978).

    Zodiac proposed a CNAME like the following in

    “CNAME autodiscover”

    and a corresponding entry in bplaced.

    Up to now, it doesn’t work that way yet, but it is still 10 h to go until we reach the 72 h. ;-)



    Hi there,

    If your new site host does not have nameservers I can set an A-record to point your domain to your new site if you can tell me the site’s IP. If you don’t know the IP this is something bplaced should be able to help you with.



    In bplaced they inform me:
    Address for type A:

    The cname that I described in my last post doesn’t work yet, and this is 70 h after I established it…. It is horrible that each time I have to wait 72 h just to see if it works what I did!!



    Hi there,

    Your domain now points to your bplaced site.

    You don’t need that CNAME record for this to work, you just need the A record I have now put into place; I have removed the CNAME entry.

    Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.



    Thank you, that is super friendly!!!!


    Dear Catrymer,

    basically it works, when I type “”, it automatically brings me to the site “”.

    BUT: It also changes the address in the browser. I want the visitors of my site to see “” instead of this “” in their browser. Is that possible somehow?




    Hi Thomas,

    I’m so sorry it took so long to get back to you. Our offices have been largely closed for the last few days.

    In answer to your question, yes, it probably can be changed so that stays in the address bar, however that is a setting which would have to be changed by the folks. It isn’t something which we would be able to guide you in.

    Best of luck!

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