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Mapping an existing domain (how long it takes?)

  1. I mapped a domain I already owned to my WordPress blog.
    Does anybody know how long it takes to work?

    please help


    The blog I need help with is

  2. 24 to 72 hours but changes usually start after a few hours

    However your name servers don't seem to be pointing here - please check these instructions

  3. It should be right now....still i can't see anything.
    It won't even let me preview the articles i have scheduled from my wordpress that normal?

  4. My domain registrar asks for both name servers and IP address in order to change them, otherwise it won't let me change them.

    Do you have an idea what IP addresses should i fill in there?

  5. I flagged this for the staff to give you the IP addresses - NOTE - WordPress.COM does not guarantee the IP address will not change without notice - static IP addresses are going away as they are more expensive - most hosts now use dynamic IP addresses - and it is an extra charge for static addresses - is the IP address because of email? If so you should be able to do the email without a static IP address

  6. Hi assezvu,

    The IP addresses for our name servers (,, and are currently:


    As auxclass pointed out, those can change at any time.

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