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mapping and ranking

  1. Hello,

    I have a blog :
    I own the with Gandi which redirect automatically to
    I would like to use the mapping possibility with wordpress. However, I'm afraid to loose my referencement and good ranking.

    Can somebody tell me if the mapping interfere with referencement.

    Many thanks


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Fabienne. You can follow the instructions here:

    For an .fr domain name, you also need to contact staff so that they add a zone record:

    In regards to Google ranking (référencement): since your .fr address is a simple redirect, the actual address registered by Google is probably the and not the .fr one. As Google notices the address redirects to the .fr one, its ranking will lower, while the .fr ranking will increase. The entire process can take some time and is normal. I don't know of any way to prevent it. Details here:

  3. You will drop to 0 Pagerank on the new domain, but the old one keeps its ranking for some time. As time passes, the new domain gets incoming links and Google notices it and eventually, four to six months along, will give you approximately the same pagerank and consider the two equivalent.

  4. Many thanks to the both of you for the explanation.
    Not easy to make the decision for the switch then.

  5. You're welcome from me :-)

  6. Make the switch. Sooner is better than later.

  7. Agreed. The best time to purchase a domain and domain mapping is as early as possible. :)

  8. I know for now!
    Won't make that mistake again

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