Mapping Custom Domain AND subdomain incorrectly

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    custom domain duplicate
    I was intending to map a new custom subdomain to my custom domain, but have made a real mess of everything. two charges for the new domains later (smallest of my issues, really) and i’ve not accomplished what i’d hope to at all.

    How can I get my custom domain mapped (or redirected) to, while have my static homepage display “Blog” as a page option? When my visitors come, they should be able to click “Blog” and be directed to our blog – which is currently on Blogger, but i was hoping to redirect that, as well.
    By following the directions in mapping subdomain i already own, I understood i need to BUY the custom domain hosting, plus the subdomain, which I did.
    Now i have the same static webpages on TWO WP blogs (yeshivathamekubalim and EitzChaim) which BOTH redirect to my custom domain
    I suppose i should delete one blog, but now i can’t even figure out which one should be deleted or what would happen if I do.

    thanks for the clarification-
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    note: i just tried in another browser to find my Blogger blog (which should be redirecting to, but this subdomain redirects to my regular custom domain ie

    i’d even consider importing my blogger blog, altho i’ve heard so many issues with that, but where would I import it to? I don’t want it to REPLACE my standing website, just be an adjunct to it.

    thanks so much whomever can help with this –

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