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Mapping Domain

  1. I mapped my domain to a wordpress that I can't remember the login or password for...
    I had an email issue and all my emails - including my registration emails, were deleted.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It seems you're currently logged into, but you don't have any domain mapped to your blog. Could you please describe your problem in more detail?

    Thank you.

  3. yes - it makes me sound like an absolute ditz... but here goes...

    I set up an account nearly two weeks ago after I purchased a domain name elsewhere.
    I mapped my domain name, exited wordpress and left it for a week.
    I kind of forgot about it...
    in the mean time, my mail box exceeded its quota and I deleted heaps of emails - including the regsitration emails from wordpress... I also deleted my trash can - Mac user...
    When I tried to log in again to see if my domain name was mapped - I could not remember by username or password... nor did wordpress remember my email.
    So I re-registered and started again.
    This time wordpress says my domain is mapped to another wordpress blog... so I looked through my back details and I did in fact pay for the original domaim mapping... so its out there - I just can't access and I can't find anyone who can help me access it...

  4. I see. The domain is mapped to, which is owned by a different account, other than 'gracelazuli', registered under your mail account.

    If you don't have access to your account or forgot the password, you can request a new password over here.

    Please follow the instructions carefully. You'll receive two separate emails during the reset process, so make sure you read them both. If you don't receive the emails right away, check your spam folders as well. The confirmation emails can get caught in them sometimes :)

  5. THANKYOU - you are awesome!!

    However - I updated my password, logged into that account - and its an account I had a year ago...

    I tried to map the domain to it and it said that the domain is mapped elsewhere...


  6. Actually that's not the correct account. Do you perhaps have another e-mail address? Please try using that to reset the account's password.

  7. hmmm... I actually don't have another HopeUC address - my husband does, but he has his own blog...
    is there anyway I can get taht email address?? or prove who I am so I can get it??

  8. I'm sorry, we can't give out such account information. The domain links to the blog, maybe that rings a bell? :)

  9. OK - update...
    I've remembered the password and username for this account - I've even logged into it... I go to match the domain... and it says that its already registered to another blog... thing is, I bought this domain 2 weeks ago - I know I own it, I just can't get to it...

  10. Are you sure you logged into the right account? if so, you should be able to go to . Here you can see that is set as the primary domain.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

  11. Hi - I have logged into all three of my accounts and I can't see it listed there.

    My accounts are:

    [email redacted]

    Can you please tell me how I can get to this website... do you need any proof of purchase from me??

    This is quite urgent for me.

    please respond... thank you

  12. I'm sorry, none of those account are associated with that account. I've just sent you an e-mail with more information.

    Thank you.

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