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    HI there,

    I would like to map my domain to my wordpress site.

    I am unable to change my DNS records to point to the wordpress site as I have already used them to point to my Google Apps account.

    I am told by my domain host that I can still do this via a CNAME record or IP address that wordpress provide.

    I have seen in forums that you do not provide a CNAME record – is there an IP address that I can have

    The blog I need help with is


    You can setup DNS records for Google Apps after you map a domain to if you want. To do it, first you have to map the domain using the normal method with name servers:

    Then you have to add the proper DNS to make your Google Apps stuff work:

    If you’re just using Google Apps for email, there’s an option to just enter the Google verification code and it will re-setup the MX records for you:

    If you do want to change your domain DNS for mapping to manually, there are IP addresses listed at but please note that is an advanced DNS option and we do not provide support for that option (we prefer that you use the name servers) and if the IP addresses should need to change for any reason in the future then you are responsible to update the DNS on your side on your own.

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