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Mapping domain, can't view my wordpress content.

  1. Hi, I have a wordpress entitled, and I was interested in purchasing the domain, WordPress said it was not available, yet it was from

    I purchased the domain from godaddy, then purchased the mapping service from wordpress to have my blog redirected to this page. Now it simply transfers me to the generic 'my site' hosted page from godaddy. How can I change this so I can see my wordpress content?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. then purchased the mapping service from wordpress to have my blog redirected to this page

    Did you buy anything here other than Domain Mapping?

    Did you follow through with all the domain mapping instructions?

    If so, has 72 hours passed yet? It can take between 24 - 72 hours for a domain name change to propagate throughout the internet and your own ISP will probably be the last one to flush their DNS caches.

  3. I added a zone record for you - sometimes that is required for you to change your name servers - WordPress.COM does not register .ca domains and that is why they did not register your domain name

    You should be able to continue with these instructions:

  4. @auxclass
    Sheesh what can I say other than thanks for the catch?

  5. @TT - my token contribution today - you be welcome

    They have domain mapping in place but the name servers don't seem to point here yet - so they are almost done

  6. Yes, I looked in godaddy support, and they say first step is to update the nameservers with my existing domain, then wait 'up to 72 hours' for this to redirect. They outline three nameservers, ns1.wordpress, ns2.wordpress....etc, to update.

    I will do this and continue reading the WordPress 'domain mapping' support guide.

    Thank you very much for your speedy and diligent reply! I will post the update here. Cheers!

  7. Oh and to answer timethief, no 72 hours has not elapsed, this was all done earlier this afternoon. Patience is required! l00l! Thanks again.

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