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    Want to map a government-owned domain name ( to a WordPress blog but the support team cannot set up the record in the way outlined in (i.e. to DNS nameservers). They would need to point the domain as an A record to the IP address of the web server that the Word Press site uses. How can I get this data from WordPress?

    The blog I need help with is



    Depending on what you are doing – a .uk domain name needs a zone record added for the name servers to be changed for the mapping to work – while you can do mapping with static IP addresses WordPress.COM discourages that method and will not guarantee that their IP addresses will stay static nor will they notify you if they change the IP address which is why they prefer the change name server method of mapping.

    See below for domain mapping help if you have not already reviewed them.

    I have also flagged this for the staff to help you



    Hi there – are you looking to map a subdomain of, for example If so, you can do that by using a CNAME record.

    Here are the instructions on mapping a subdomain:

    If that’s not what your goal is, could you please provide some further details about what you’re trying to accomplish so we can help? Thanks very much.

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