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    I’d like to map a domain to Squarespace, but do not know how. Any help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    If you’ve registered your domain through and now want it to point to a blog or website hosted elsewhere then you can do this by updating the nameservers.



    Thanks for the quick reply, but I’m still struggling. Squarespace is telling me that I 1) need to create a CNAME record, and 2) create an A record. I’m finding the edit DNS area in WordPress, but I’m not technical enough to know what i need to type here.



    In order to add an A Record, you’ll need to unlock the DNS Manager.

    To set the A record, please try these steps:

    1. First, log into your Domain Manager by following the instruction of the “Domain Manager Login” section here:

    2. Once you’re logged in, click on the domain name you want to edit.

    3. Under Nameservers, click on “Set Nameservers”.

    4. In the pop-up window, select “I have specific nameservers for my domains”.

    5. Replace any name servers listed with the following:


    6. Click on OK to save, wait a few minutes for the settings to go through, and then refresh the page.

    7. When the nameservers change, you’ll see some information under DNS Manager, and a link that says “Launch” – click that link to edit your DNS records.

    8. The A record of your domain should be listed as the first record on the list. In the Actions columns on the left, click on the pencil/notepad icon to edit the record (make sure you click on the icon for the same line that the A record is on).

    9. Finally, use the information provided to your by your new host to fill out the “Host Name” and “Points To IP Address”. The field labeled “TTL” should stay in the default “1 Hour” value. Click on OK to save the new record.

    That’s it – your new A record should go live after a short delay.



    I think I’m all set. Thank you!



    You’re welcome!



    Hi there macmanx, is that domain change done on the main domain host admin panel or somewhere else? I have a similar problem in that I have a domain name that is registered with I was advised by a techie friend to forward the url to my WordPress url but cannot find where to do this. The Streamline Net support team asked me to identify what WordPress requires and whether it is an A Record or a CName record. I’m afraid I haven’t a clue what the question is I need to ask or of whom to ask it. Any help would be appreciated.



    This thread is about forwarding a domain to Squarespace.

    To map a domain to, you need to follow this guide:

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