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Mapping Domain to - but keeping original email - MX Records?

  1. Hello! I have a Fatcow domain that I'd like to use on But I want to keep my email with Fatcow. They told me I needed to get's A record. You guys told me I needed to get Fatcow's MX records. So, I contacted them and they gave me this instructional:

    I'm not sure how to create the DNS records or set the priority. Please help.

    Would it be better just to set up my email through Gmail and forget about Fatcow's webmail? Would I still be able to use the same address that I am trying to keep? (Would there be any duplication issues?)

    Thank you for your help in advance!
    Blog url:

  2. It seems you have already set MX records for Google Apps. Is this what you wanted?

  3. I set up directly with so I had no problems. I just followed the gmail instructions.

    The domain in question is (I haven't started the domain mapping yet, because I'm worried about the email.)

    Setting it up with was very easy. But I just don't know all the steps to complete the domain mapping and keep the fatcow ([email redacted]) email address with fatcow's webmail.

    So, I just need to know how to set MX records to keep using fatcow's webmail.

    Have a look at the Fatcow link I posted previously. It says how to do it - kindof - but it's still over my head.

    Thank you!

  4. Hi there,

    First, you'll need to map your domain to your blog.

    Once you've done so, please try adding the following records to your DNS here at

    A mx
    A mx
    MX 10
    MX 20

    Learn more about editing your DNS here:

  5. Alright - I think I've got it.
    I tested it and I did receive email. But when I added the DNS records it said 'MX 20' - it wouldn't let me add that. But the email worked, so I guess it's ok?

    One more thing. Right now - whenever I type in it goes to my old site - and I can't get to my blog anymore - because it redirects to my primary domain - and takes me back to my old site.

    I'm assuming this will stop happening once the nameserver change takes full effect. Would you mind checking on that for me and making sure I'm correct?

  6. Did you try using the following?

    MX 20

    (Remember the period at the end.)

    Your site appears to be loading just fine now at .

    Feel free to drop us a line if we can be of any further assistance.

  7. Yes, I copied and pasted exactly what you posted originally. Here's the error message I'm getting: error

    Also - when I go to, I see jumbled remnants of the Fatcow site. Here's a screenshot: screen

    And when I click on 'about' or 'contact' it takes me to a page not found on my site.

    Thanks for your help so far! I just want to be sure I get this all right.

  8. Yes, the error is correct. You can't have 2 MX records with the same host, so try leaving in just the MX 10 record.

    As for please try clearing your browser's cache.

  9. Thank you. You guys are super swell. Looks like everything is in order now and I'm wiser. High fives all around!

  10. You're welcome!

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