Mapping from another website to mine with their permission

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    I am using wordpress to create a new website for a choir of which I am a member.
    We now want to map the old choir website domain set up in another choir member’s name with another registrar to the new wordpress site in my name, with his knowledge of course and he would point his current DNS to wordpress.
    Is there any difference to the usual way I would map from a domain I already own elsewhere to wordpress?
    I mean, is there a security check or block because it being a mapping between two separate domain owners (there could be a potential security risk is someone was surfing around to find domain names that had been pointed to wordpress but not yet taken up by the legitimate recipient)?
    I have already registered the external domain name on my account as ‘another domain I own’ and it has been accepted, awaiting the changes at the other end, so hopefully that prevents it being hijacked and also makes the mapping proceed smoothly.

    The blog I need help with is



    if you have & someone owns – and you want the traffic to to display the content at – then you want domain mapping and WordPress.COM really does not care who owns what, since to get domain mapping to work both sites need to be set correctly for the mapping to work – which means both sites in essence have each others permission –

    Use these instructions $ 13.- / year



    Thanks auxclass, I’ll update this when we’ve completed the mapping.

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