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Mapping my blogs to another domain

  1. I have two sites: and I want to point them, my posts and followers, to my private domain hosted with GoDaddy, How do I do this? Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can help you with that.

    Your followers can be migrated once your self-hosted site is connected to Jetpack:

    You can redirect traffic with the Site Redirect upgrade:

  3. Please post here once you've got your new site connected to Jetpack so that I can migrate your followers.

  4. Hi! Thanks for the help and links to information. My new self-hosted wordpress template site is already connected to JetPack. What do I do now? I see a lot of options under the JetPack and am a little confused. Do I need to do the site-redirect upgrade for my other two sites first? Thank you!

  5. And my other question, when I do the Site Redirect and enter my new self-hosted URL, do I put just the main URL or the exact page on that new site where I want this blog to be directed? For example, rather than just Thanks!

  6. Ok, so I purchased the Site Redirect for each of my blogs. I don't have them pointing there yet because I still don't understand how to get them to show up at my self-hosted site. I already have a wordpress theme I'm using with my self-hosted site so how do I get each of my blogs to appear with their original themes, appearance and posts/content, from a place on my own domain? Thanks for help. This is really confusing and frustrating for me.

  7. Okay, I'm going to have to tackle a few things one at a time here. So please bear with me.

  8. Subscriber migration from to is done.

  9. Subscriber migration from to is done.

  10. Thank you! Can you clarify for me what my subscribers will see when they go to my blogs? I don't have the site redirects on right now for my self-hosted site. Does that make a difference until I update it? Thanks again!

  11. Thank you! Can you clarify for me what my subscribers will see when they go to my blogs?

    anyone going to your URLs will see the sites. However, none of your subscribers will see anything in their reader or email that you publish on your sites because you have moved them all to your self-hosted site.

  12. Okay. That makes sense. What do I need to do for my posts/content from my blog sites to appear on my self-hosted site? Is this possible?

  13. On an ongoing basis? Or just taking it all from there and putting it in the new blog at once?

    On an ongoing basis: that's a problem. It's possible technically,b ut staff have said that if an external blog is just re-posting stuff from your blog, that the blog be set to private. Otherwise Google penalizes WP for having duplicate spam content.

    At once? Easy. Go to the dashboard Tools page of the blog, and click to create an Export file. Include all media. Then on the dashboard of the other blog, click Import and away you go. It can take a few hours to import. Be sure and check to make sure it all got ported over. Sometimes exports get stuck.

  14. Doing it all at once is what I prefer to do, so I'll give the export and import a try. Thank you!

  15. Yes, Raincoaster has set you on the correct path. And let me also encourage you NOT to post duplicate content on two sites.

    Here is a support page regarding the exporting process:

  16. Also, once everything is set up at your new site, don't forget to log into your site's dashboard and go to Store--> Domains to turn on your Site Redirect upgrades for both of your old sites.

  17. Hi again! I've been working on doing the export and import that you both recommended. Thanks for all the help. I still need a bit more help though, cause now I'm having an interruption in the import. It says this: Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator and inform them of the time the error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Apache Server at Port 80

  18. Oh boy, I've also talked to GoDaddy, my host for the site, and they're of no help. I have a custom WordPress template installed and running already on my site that I'm trying to import to...think that I need to do something to that? Can I do it from my dashboard or do I need to import files through GoDaddy? Thanks again!

  19. Because your new site is self-hosted with a different host, support staff at do not have access to your site's files or the ability to provide support for your import issue.

    However, you can find a ton of support for your self-hosted WordPress site here:

    If you need professional help for your self-hosted WordPress site, please check out:

  20. Thanks! I actually figured out by googling that it was a port 80 issue. I just had to shut down my Skype and Evernote so it wasn't take up all the space on port 80. Crazy stuff, but so glad to have learned all this and that it worked.
    Thanks again for all your help :)

  21. Great to hear that it got all sorted out!

  22. Hey guys! I have had an issue come up that I wonder if it has to do with my subscribers migration that was done for my new site.
    I don't see any of my subscribers in my users on the dashboard! There's only 18 and that's the people who subscribed to my private domain before I did site redirects and moved subscribers. Can we check this? Also, when people subscribe to receive email notifications, the email they get is for an old URL of mine: All About Ethnos. Is that part of the problem and something on GoDaddy's end? Thank you!

  23. Uh Oh...another thing. When people subscribe via email to my site AmaliaVida, the email to confirm follow they get displays an old URL of mine. I've talked to GoDaddy and we confirmed it's not causing any problems and they have that URL redirecting to my new site, BUT I want to make sure eventually that it displays the right one. This is what it reads. Is something on your end that you can fix? I already removed from the sidebar the Subscription JetPack Widget and then inserted it back in to try that, and it didn't change anything. Thanks!

    THANK YOU so much for following my blog!

    You recently registered to follow my website, AmaliaVida. This means you will receive site updates by email.

    To activate, click confirm below. If you believe this is an error, ignore this message and we'll never bother you again.

    Blog Name: To Love Life
    Blog URL:

    Confirm Follow

    If you want to see all of the blogs you follow on the web in one easy place, sign up for a account.

  24. RE: the email problem

    Can you check what site you have listed in our dashboard under Settings-->General for

  25. Re the followers:

    I am seeing 429 followers for Can you show me a screenshot of what you are looking at when you only see 18? Please include the browser URL bar.

    Here are some screenshot instructions if you are not familiar with the process:

    I find to be very useful for sharing screenshots. You can also upload the screenshot to your site's media library. I will be able to see it there.

  26. Okay, I took the screenshot and uploaded it to media on my WordPress for you to look at. I've been looking under "Users" which is what the screenshot is of. Is there somewhere else to look? I know that when I see the subscribe widget on the live site in the sidebar, I see the number you referenced, but where can I see that in my stats and see new followers and likes? I used to get notifications of new followers and likes and I'm not getting those now. I'm just getting subscriber notifications and they seem like Spam even though I have Askimet activated. Thanks!

  27. Hey! I figured it out and found where my site stats are and show my followers under JetPack! But I still need help on something: how can I customize subscription options for followers to subscribe to specific categories and/or to control that notifications are sent about new content on only a weekly basis? I have so much content I want to post, like daily video blogs, but if I do them as posts, my readers are getting emails from me every day or more than once a day! I don't want to overwhelm them. I read up on RSS feeds but I hate those things :( is there a plug-in that you recommend for these customizations I want so I can insert it as a widget? Thanks again so much! You're help is awesome!

  28. s there a plug-in that you recommend for these customizations I want so I can insert it as a widget?

    Plugin questions are better asked in the support forums. As we don't use plugins on, they will be far more help than anyone here.

    Thanks again so much! You're help is awesome!

    Thank you for the kind words!

  29. Yes, its me again :) Ok, so all I need now is to allow my subscribers to manage their subscription preferences for my notifications in regards to delivery frequency. I get my own notifications of posts through JetPack so I test this through the email notification, it sent me to my reader list in WordPress, where I see that some sites have a dropdown box under "Delivery Frequency" for three options. My site does not have even a drop down box or any option of frequency, except to unfollow. How can I change this or do I need to just change to using a different subscription plugin like Subscribe2? Thanks!

  30. I am afraid that jetpack subscriptions do not have the ability to adjust delivery frequency. So you may need to think about using a different subscription plugin.

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