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    Almost 24 hours ago I purchased 13$ domain mapping, tried to follow the steps for mapping my domain but still, the mapping didn’t worked. I tried again to add my domain to my blog but I’ve got this message : ” We checked the nameservers and it looks like they’re not pointing to yet. If you recently updated them please check again soon. It can take a few hours for registrars to complete update their nameservers. “
    What should I do?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    You are half way there with the domain mapping! Could you please log into your registrar’s website (the provider that you purchased your domain name from) and update the nameservers to the following:
    Here is the support article for your reference:


    thanks! it was my mistake : instead of “” i wrote “ ”



    Glad it’s all sorted now, happy blogging!

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