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    If I have registered domains & their related email service with GoDaddy but wish to ‘map’ my domains to WordPress, do I then HAVE TO somehow transfer my GoDaddy email service to WordPress as well? Or can my email still work through GoDaddy even if my domains become ‘mapped’ to WordPress?

    The blog I need help with is crazyname.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,

    Your email will still work.

    When you map the domains to us, we recommend that you change the name servers to us. That lets us control your domain’s DNS.

    After you add the domain mapping upgrade, but before you change the name servers, edit the DNS here on WordPress.com’s end, and add the MX and other records required for your email to work. You can get those records directly from GoDaddy.

    Once you’ve added those, switch the name servers to us, also from your GoDaddy account, and your email should continue working without any interruption.





    Thanks, but all of this sounds a bit too complicated for a total novice. (And doesn’t it end up costing more than just using GoDaddy for all services.)


    I do not know what GoDaddy’s fees are for hosting. Please understand, that you would be using the other version of WordPress if you go that route. The open source WordPress software is much more hands on and more difficult for a beginner compared to WordPress.com.


    WordPress.com (here):



    Thank you. I’ve been told that GoDaddy’s “Go Central” web site creation product is the simplest to use for beginners (plain English, fill-in-the blanks templates, etc). Have I been misinformed? If I want to try to stay with WordPress.com but don’t feel able to use it without ready assistance, is there an “upgrade” or “premium” plan available that offers live, telephone support? If not, is there a very modestly priced third-party vendor who provides telephone support for WordPress.com? What I think I need is some real-time help just to get me up and running with a very basic web site (akin to an old basic Martindale-Hubbell listing) with attendant email service.


    Something to keep in mind is that none of this is permanent. If you start with one, and it doesn’t work, you can continue looking for alternatives.

    At WordPress.com you’ll find support from https://wordpress.com/help/contact/ Right now, you are on a free plan, so those queries come to us in the public forums. We are a team of Automattic (company behind WordPress.com) that provide the help for our free customers. We’re dedicated to your success.

    When that plan gets upgraded you’ll get routed through to live chat or email support. Live chat is in real time. Regardless of how you reach us we will answer your questions and provide help. We do not have telephone support.

    My suggestion is to find an example of a site that mirrors the functions and design you are after. From there, we can spell out the steps you need to achieve those goals.

    I’d start with with these:

    1. https://learn.wordpress.com/
    2. https://en.support.wordpress.com/video-tutorials/get-started/
    3. https://wordpress.com/themes/

    ^ The theme page can be sorted by functions, layouts, free (or paid), etc…



    Thank you. How much do I have to pay to make the necessary (i) “upgrade” to the WordPress “Personal” plan, (ii) “mapping” of one of my domains, and (iii) whatever is necessary to connect my domain-linked email address that is currently through GoDaddy?



    The Personal Plan costs $60 (US) a year, and that would be the only cost on our end. Mapping a domain you already own elsewhere is free for an unlimited number of domains as part of the plan, and we don’t charge anything for connecting your email either.

    However, you’ll still pay GoDaddy for the annual renewal cost of the domain, as well as for your email hosting with them. You won’t need to pay them for website hosting as well.

    The steps you’d need to follow are:

    1) Go to My Site ->Plan and upgrade the plan on your WordPress.com site

    2) Add the domain mapping upgrade (second link I gave above)

    3) Add the required DNS records for your email (first link I gave above) – we’re also happy to help you with this step if needed, either here or via live chat support which is also included in a paid plan.

    4) Log in with GoDaddy and change the domain’s name servers to ours.



    Thanks. I will try this today in the hope that the “live chat support” will be sufficient to get me up and running. I am, of course, particularly concerned about ensuring that there is no break in email service.

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