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    I am helping a friend with the mapping of her domain.
    I have changed the DNS settings on her domain this morning and have paid for the mapping. When I set her domain to be the primary we lose the website (
    Have I done anything wrong or is this just due to propergation? Does it matter that I paid for the mapping before the DNS had changed?
    She has now lost email access as well.
    In regards to email I have put what I think is the correct MX record but normally when I split the MX records out I put in an ip address, in this instance i have put the priority number (0) followed by Is this correct.
    Once the name servers have propergated should this all work correctly? I am a bit concerned of course as it is not my blog.
    Blog url:



    Your order was fine – name servers then map the domain – wait 72 hours for things to completely settle down

    I had to change both an A & MX record to make my email work with my old host – I got the info from my old host then had to get some help with the format of the records

    I an not sure about the “MX 0” part – I have “MX 10” – has something to do with priority I think

    I will flag this for staff attention maybe they can help a bit – email is not officially supported other than the gmail option but I have seen a bit of help with formatting issues in the past.

    You might check with your email host to see if you also need an A record

    At some point you will need to change your primary domain – but your does send me to the correct blog so you are not losing visitors.

    You will be the last one to see the changes –



    That should be correct. The format is covered at

    If it’s the format, it won’t allow you to save it.


    Thank you guys.

    The website is now working, phew :)

    However if you type in for some reason the www is removed.

    Is this normal?

    Thanks again

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